What You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Fridge Guard

A fridge guard is a socket-type appliance protector designed to guard your refrigerator or freezer from damages arising from an Undervoltage, spikes, or power back surges. Using a refrigerator or freezer without the fridge guard poses a risk of damage to the compressor and ultimately the appliance. 

Features of a Fridge Guard

  • Automated functionality: The guard will disconnect the power to your appliance if the mains voltage drops below or above a pre-set limit. It will also re-connect automatically only after the supply has returned to acceptable limits after a 3 minute wait time.
  • Dial Controls: The MK volt guard allows you to control how sensitive the guard is to voltage problems. Using the control dial you can set the desired level of protection and specifications. 

How a Fridge Guard Works

The standard voltage in Kenya is 240 V with most appliances running at a voltage ranging from 100 to 240. Should there be a low supply (Undervoltage), the guard will disconnect the power supply and give a wait period of about 3 minutes till the power is stable enough. In the case of a surge, the protector suppresses the power supply to acceptable limits. The appliance protector will also ensure there’s a delay period when power returns after a power cut to establish stable supply.

Steps to Operating a Fridge Guard

  1. Make sure that your load does not exceed the rating (amps) of the fridge guard. If exceeded, the fridge guard may be damaged.
  2. Plug the fridge guard into the mains and plug the appliance into the fridge guard. Do not connect more than one appliance to the fridge guard.
  3. On first switching on the red LED  will come on and there will be no output while the fridge guard monitors the mains. If the mains level is acceptable the yellow LED comes on, indicating that the fridge guard is in wait mode. At the end of the wait mode and if the supply is within the acceptable range, the green LED will come on and the load will be connected.
  4. During normal operation, if the red LED comes on, indicating the incoming voltage is too low or too high, the fridge guard will switch off the power to protect your appliance,starting the 3 minute time delay. When the voltage returns to acceptable limits, the yellow LED will come on. After the time delay is over, the green LED will come on and the power will be connected to your appliance.
  5. It is recommended that the fridge guard is kept plugged in and switched on, and the appliance is switched on and off as required.

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